Stolen Light is the harsh noise project of Brett Lunceford. His earlier works ranged from harsh noise to experimental ambient. In order to avoid confusion, Stolen Light retained the harsh noise and Goose was created as an outlet for ambient works. Zaftig Research may reissue his earlier works from when he recorded under the name Xenophon, but it would be a bit odd to hear a person associated with unrelenting walls of noise playing music reminiscent of Harold Budd.

What started as an accidental sound experiment has become an obsession. As a general rule, Stolen Light relies on ordinary sound sources, such as voice, plastic bags, and fans, which are then distorted and destroyed. When performing live, Stolen Light uses only a mixer to process sound; there are no pedals, laptops, DATs, or samplers. However, there are fans, compressed air, paper shredders, and a host of other things that are used to create noise in real time. What you see is what you hear. "People are always a bit surprised when they see what I work with. I take great pleasure in taking common sounds and making them unrecognizable."